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Our Product

To trust Batrade is to count on an exceptional partner in the field of second-hand clothing, but it is also the best way to get high-quality clothes, shoes, and accessories for women, men, and children. Through our revolutionary sorting system, Batrade has been able to offer you ready-to-wear secondhand clothing for all seasons, with a variety of clothing choices sorted by specialists.

Summer clothing :

  • Top-Quality Extra (Cream)

  • Tropical Mix (AB)

  • Grade A First Choice

  • Grade B Second Choice

Winter clothing :

  • European Mix (Cream)

  • Grade A First Choice

We worked with wholesalers for a quantity of 40 or 20 feet containers, for bales in 55KG, 45KG, and 80KG, or for stores with a quantity of less than one ton.

Batrade also delivers your purchases to your home, thanks to our partners and transport companies, whether you are in Europe, Africa, or the Middle East.

Batrade offers a diverse range of secondhand products including the following :

Second-Hand Clothes

At Batrade you have a wide choice of second hand and used clothing.

First of all, we sort by type: Shirt, Blouse, Trousers, Cotton Polo, Baby Mix, Underwear, Home Rowing (sheet, a curtain.) extra.

Then we sort by season :

  • Summer Clothing

  • Winter clothing.

Gender :

  • Men's Clothing

  • Women's Clothing

  • Children's Clothing

  • Sheets & Towels

  • Shoes & Handbag

Degree of quality in descending order :

  • Top Cream

  • Tropical mix (AB)

  • Grade A First Choice

  • Grade B Second Choice

Second-Hand Shoes

Nike, Adidas, Puma, ... and other brands are offered to you by Batrade. The company makes sure to offer a wide range of women, men, and children's shoes.

From sneakers to casual shoes, basically, you name it we have it. From sports shoes to casual shoes, there is something for everyone.

New products are regularly put online while maintaining unbeatable competitiveness in terms of quality/price ratio!

We maintain our revolutionary sorting system to have both summer and winter seasons of second-hand shoes.

Summer Shoes:

  • Top (Extra) Cream : Sandals , Sneakers , Flats , Pumps , Slippers , Wedges, and Classic....

  • Grade A First choice: Sandals , Sneakers , Flats , Pumps , Slippers , Wedges, and Classic...

  • Grade B Second choice: Sandals , Sneakers , Flats , Pumps , Slippers , Wedges, and Classic....

Winter Boots :

  • Top (Extra) Cream

  • Grade A First choice

Categories :

  • Women's Boots

  • Men's Boots

  • Children's Boots

  • Rain Boots (Plastic)

  • Snow Boots (Winter)

  • Slippers (Winter)

Handbag & Accessories

The handbags and accessories offered by Batrade are carefully selected.

You will find a wide range of colors, brands, and different materials to meet your tastes and desires.

You will find handbags, school bags, backpacks, necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, ... and other vintage and original accessories.

For your satisfaction, Batrade carefully chooses each accessory and guarantees you new items on a regular basis, all at a very competitive price.


Children also have the right to their own little pleasures.

No more wasting money on toys, Batrade now allows you to make your little ones happy for very little money!

Batrade guarantees you a superior quality of second-hand products at all times.

Just like all the products offered by Batrade, each second-hand toy is carefully chosen.

Our stock is regularly upgraded with new products so that your children will also find their happiness and join in the adventure of reducing CO2 emissions!


Our second-hand sorting system allows you to give a second life to clothes, shoes; and many other vintages or retro items. Everyone knows that old styles are trendy and fashionable.

Our vintage clothing is from the 70s, 80s, and 90s ...

All this at a much lower price, guaranteeing you an outstanding quality.

Our exceptional sorting system helps us to have all kinds of retro and vintage clothes like Shirt, blouse, fur, coat, dress, etc., and even some vintage and one of a kind accessories.


We provide you with all kinds of rags and rags (uncut), in white & colored cotton, denim, cover and pillow, wool blend (sweaters), and other items, for all seasons, no matter where you live.

Batrade is proud to set up an extensive technical support network in the countries where it offers its services.

Clothes in white cotton (100%) :

Our range of uncut white cotton cloths consists of sheets, t-shirts, shirts, and pants made from 100% pure cotton in white color only. This range is exclusive of all colored items.

Colored cotton cloths (100%) :

Our range of uncut colored cotton cloths consists of sheets, t-shirts, shirts, and pants made from 100% pure colored cotton only.

Combination of pillow and cover (100%):

This product is only blankets (bed cover) and pillow and cover (HHR)

Pull and Mixed Knits :

This range of products is only for sweaters that are mixed with mercurials of cashmere wool and polyester of winter or knit quality.

A blend of sweaters for women, men, and children.

As well as a compilation of sweaters made from mixed materials.

Our range of uncut sweater cloths contains 100% pure wool, and we integrate the material with a similar product to ensure optimal results.

Combination jeans pants (100%) :

Our range of uncut jeans cloths consists of denim jeans made from 100% denim quality materials.

Mix Jackets (100%) polyester:

We integrate polyester with a similar material to recycle polyester jackets.

Feather blending (100%) :

This product line is only a blanket (bed cover) and a pillow made of 100% feather material.