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About Batrade

Batrade specializes in the processing and sale of second-hand items, particularly clothing and shoes. All our products are carefully selected to offer you the best of second-hand clothing : quality and exceptional prices!


We are deeply concerned about the environment. One of our core values is to provide second hand clothing, shoes and accessories to our customers.

Our vision

Batrade operates with the goal of offering used products of excellent quality at very competitive prices.

Discover our products

Batrade offers a wide choice of cream quality clothes, shoes, bags and accessories.

Second-Hand Clothes

At Batrade you have a wide choice of second hand and used clothes.

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Second-Hand Shoes

Batrade The company makes sure to offer a wide range of women, men, and children's shoes.

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One of our main values is to give special attention to ecology and to reduce our ecological footprint...

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Sorted Wiping Rags

We provide you with all kinds of rags and rags (uncut), in white & colored cotton, denim, cover and pillow, wool blend (sweaters), and other items..

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Batrade is also environmentally conscious ...


We continuously deliver top quality products.

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